Introduction to Hoof Health DVD

Mark Plumlee introduces the viewer to Thunder, an 8 year old Mustang that ran out in the wild until he was 5. Even though he has been domesticated now for a couple of years, as a youngster, Thunder had the ultimate environment to develop a healthy foot. After maintaining a traditional shoeing practice for 20 years and as a third generation farrier, Mark gained exposure to Natural Balance Farrier Science in 1993 and has enthusiastically pursued it's advancement since that time. As shown in this video, even healthy feet can be led into distortion by the environmental influences of domestication. Mark shows how shoeing to Natural Balance parameters addresses that distortion.

$40.00 USA

Common Sense Shoeing With Special Consideration for the Wet Climate 2 DVD Set

This DVD series was developed to give viewers a common sense approach to shoeing horses in all types of environments, but with emphasis on the moist environment, when ever and where ever too much moisture challenges the integrity to the over-all health of the foot. At Mission Farrier School, we teach horseshoeing in the Pacific Northwest; however moist environments can found in many places; Hawaii, California, Florida, Kentucky: any place where there are irrigated pastures. The equine foot was designed to be as hard or harder than the environment in which the horse lives and is expected to work. A flexible foot is not a good foot. It is a foot already at risk. Living and working as we do in a moist environment, we see a lot of flexible feet, and most of them are in trouble to some degree. If you are a beginning farrier, we believe that if you can learn to shoe horses. With some common sense, you will be able to go anywhere and successfully meet the needs of a horse. If you already have an established farrier business, we hope this DVD will help you evaluate, trim and shoe horses to meet their needs, given the environment in which they live. Thanks for watching.


This is a 2-Disc DVD set with a combined run time of approximately 150 minutes. Highlights include: conformation & environmental considerations, addressing a long-toe & low-heel condition, plus a bonus feature on basic forging skills & techniques.

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Basic Barefoot Trimming for Horses in a Wet Climate DVD

This video offers novice and professional hoof trimmers and farriers a practical, common sense approach to trimming horses that live in the wet environment. From an equine perspective, a wet environment is any environment other than the high desert. For example whether your horse lives in the damp Pacific Northwest or an irrigated pasture in Kentucky, whether irrigated by man or by God, the result is the same, a soft, distorted foot. There are many factors that influence a successful barefoot management program. The environment in which the horse lives and works, performance expectations, hoof conformation, and soundness concerns are discussed. This video covers 3 horses that represent a cross section of feet. You will see examples of trimming young horses, neglected horses, and reasonably good-footed horses with minimal hoof distortions. Each demonstration offers good insight into foot function, recognizing hoof distortion, and common sense” trimming guidelines.

DVD - Approximate Run Time 80 Minutes



Forging and Craftsmanship
2 DVD set

At Mission Farrier School, our emphasis is on three key areas of study: Relevant Hoof Science, Good Horsemanship, and Craftsmanship. In this DVD, our focus is on craftsmanship. It’s important to be the best craftsman you can be to properly meet the needs of the horses in your clientele. This means you need to put the time in at the forge and anvil. Since the advent of keg shoes, or ready-mades in the early 1900’s, quality craftsmanship by farriers all but disappeared mid-way through the last century. The term ready-made shoes implied that shoes were ready to nail on. And along with this loss of forging skills the application of the ready-made pattern also lead to the demise of the understanding of what a horse's foot should look like. And while we have come a long way in the last 25 years, and now we have a vast inventory of front and hind pattern shoes, there is still an intense need to learn how to properly shape a keg shoe to meet the needs of the individual horse. This 2-Disc DVD set will give you the basic techniques & skills necessary for the most common forging tasks of today's farrier, as well as guidelines for producing quality hand-made shoes.

This is a 2-Disc DVD set with a combined run time of approximately 120 minutes. Topics include: basic keg shoe modifications, pulling clips, lengthening stock (heels), modifying fronts-to-hinds and hinds-to-fronts, and basic shoeing making (hand-mades).

$60.00 US