New Owner of Mission Farrier School Wins Reserve Champion in 100 day Mustang Challenge

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Teens and Oregon Mustangs is a 100 day wild to willing challenge. There are a number of divisions in which trainers demonstrate their ability to change a wild Oregon mustang into a willing partner. The horses are then auctioned/adopted by the public. In the 2021 competition Teddy Franke took his mustang "Jeremiah of the Paisley Desert" to a reserve champion finish over all in the adult riding division, including a win in the Purina body conditioning competition for most improved mustang. Teddy is the new owner of Mission Farrier School which recently relocated to Tygh Valley Oregon. "Mustangs are pretty special to us in the farrier trade," explains Franke. "These feet that are developed and honed by the environment provide us with a model to mimic in our domestic horses." "They are in many cases a superior model for good foot function." Mission Farrier School offers basic and practicing farrier courses that run in the spring and fall.

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