While MFS will never replace ongoing hoof care, we can provide supplemental work during our school sessions. This can include lameness evaluation, general, therapeutic, or performance shoeing, as well as natural barefoot trimming. We are also willing to take on horses that have behavioral difficulties as horses are often the best teachers for our students. 

We call our clients "guests" since the farrier experience is a little different than what you would expect from your normal farrier. Guests will enjoy low student rates on hoof care, but should also understand that it takes quite a lot longer for a beginner farrier to meet the standards that our instructors expect and require.


Drop off time is 9:30am and pickup is usually around 4pm. 


Our guests are welcome to stay on site while their horse is cared for or they can leave and go about their day. We encourage questions and interaction with the student who works on your horse.  


Call to Schedule an Appointment




Address (School Location):

81849 Fairgrounds Rd, Tygh Valley, OR 97063

Therapeutic Shoeing is a regular part of our curriculum. 


Our clientele include:

  • Laminitis Cases

  • Navicular Type Cases

  • White line Disease

  • Stumbling Problems

  • Cushings

  • Peripheral Cushings

  • Veterinary Referrals

  • Performance Needs

  • Traction Concerns 

  • Draft, Mule, or Donkey

Our Mission:

  • To take as much time as it takes to meet your horse's needs.

  • To provide a learning environment for our students and clients.

  • To learn as much as we can from each horse that walks through our door.

  • To evaluate each horse individually.

  • To put the needs of horses first, people second.

  • To provide an environment for soundness and a path to healing.

  • To keep an open mind and learn what we don't know.